Build dynamic sites that evolve on the edge.

Edge is a set of dynamic APIs and React components that helps you to only focus on implementing and quick-start your idea.

Ready to Rock & Roll

A ready to Rock and complete solution to launch an MVP in a fraction of time. Configure, adapt and deploy to thousands of users thanks to a dynamic API for content and comments based on a configuration file.

Content forms are updated automaticaly based on your settings, allowing the users to create any kind of content.

Built-In Dashboard

A simple admin dashboard to list and edit all the content, comments and users of the platform. You will be able to record and display users’ activity through API Hooks.

Add custom permissions based on roles for each API endpoint and app pages. Create and configure new roles to extend the default functionality.

Connect, notify…

Login and register implemented for different social providers like Google, Facebook and Github. Easily extendable to many more.

Email verification, password recovery and notifications through emails already implemented.

Style and Customize

Four CSS themes implemented (Light, Dark, Robot, Kawai), stored in cookies for each user preference. Easily create and add completly custom new themes.

We’ve also created a set of ready-to-use fully integrated React components.

Web Monetization

Easily custom web monetization. Allowing the users of the site to configure their payment pointers to create paid content.

Progressive Web App

Allow to install on Android devices, and Desktop platforms as an application, PWA gives much better loading times than a regular non-PWA website.

Integration Tests

A set of integration tests that covers many of the different paths of the platform and can be easily extended by yourself.

Static Site Generation

Built-in static pages through Markdown rendering. Check some example pages here.

Next + React + Serverless

We’ve built Edge on a modern setup easily deployable and on platforms like

Open source

All the code is open, free to use and available at Github. Don’t hesitate to contribute to Edge.

Take action and contribute with Edge.

If you are interested in adding value to Edge, feel free to collaborate in the GitHub open source repository or send us an email.